Data Driven DIY


Which fixing should I buy? I have a bathroom cabinet to put up. It needs to go onto a tiled plasterboard (drywall) wall. Because of the tiles, I can’t use the fixings I normally use to keep heavy objects fixed to the wall. And bog standard rawlplugs aren’t going... [Read More]

Time To Shine

Blogging and social media for introverts

How to spot an introvert You may have seen David Robinson’s recent post encouraging R users to start blogging. Some folk will willingly act on this advice, and others won’t. For those that won’t, I know who you are. You. Yes, you, trying to hide at the back.... [Read More]

Simply Mapping

Easy mapping with Simple Features

First attempts with simple features The latest edition of the Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation (SIMD) was released last year, and has been getting a bit more promotion recently as part of Scotland’s open data - for example, an R package has been made available to calculate... [Read More]